Monday, April 23, 2007

Meet Priscilla

Priscilla enjoys having friends round for tea, especially when party plans are involved. Her favourite party plans are Nutrimetics, Tupperware and Avon. Priscilla recommends the Sky Blue Island Dream Avon compact and the tupperware containers with airtight lids, perfect for keeping her favourite whey products, such as New Whey, No Whey and Whey Out, fresh for the next competition. If Priscilla runs out of No Whey, she finds Nutrimetic's Apricot & Avocado Facial Scrub with Wheatgerm is a good whey protein substitute.
Priscilla is shy, so is looking for a partner with a similar interest in immediate muscle and vascular enlargement but with no meta-fusion on the first date. With Priscilla's busy life, sometimes she doesn't have time for a man, so turns to NO-Xplode - the world's first and only pre-workout supplement that produces immediate results in energy, size, strength, pumps, performance, mental focus and training intensity...
Priscilla says: "I love competition and want to share it with someone special in my life. I love being put on the spot by the judges and asking to pose in different positions to show off my muscles. This pic shows me posing as a TV antennae, but I later found out that the judges were asking me to point to where my brain is, so as you can see, I'm smart."

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