Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Troops out NOW!

I can't see the violence in Iraq ending any time soon, even with the "surge" in troop numbers. Today, 127 people were killed in car bomb attacks, probably with countless others injured so badly that they will be forced begging on the streets, because no doubt there's not a welfare system in place.

I can't see any other option but for all troops to be taken out immediately and let the poeple of Iraq have their civil war. How dare we decide that the best form of democracy is to blast the shit out of the country to force the deposition of the despot, cry freedom and then not implement a follow-up strategy that would see all aspects of the community involved.

Instead, we have retribution, corruption and trigger happy leaders of freedom loving nations.

What was the alternative? We should have done nothing, and let the Iraqi people decide their fate. They could have either had a bloody war or a peaceful democratic movement to dispose Saddam. We're really good at doing nothing in Zimbabwe and Burma, to name two. Oh and Pakistan, where they are nuclear and run by an unelected military government, but they've been helping get rid of the Tora Bora tunnels hiding Taliban, (which the CIA help build by the way), so that's okay.

I know I sound a bit like someone standing on a street corner trying to sell the Green Left Weekly or the Morning Star, but this is how I feel, and readers of this blog, so mote it be, will know that I am torn about this dreadful bloody mess in Iraq, this mess that my home country and adopted country are both involved in.....rendering citizen me part of it.

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