Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Glasto Glasto bloody Glasto

Glastonbury 2007 - 450,000 people registered for tickets, and 137,000 get to go. This meant setting up a well tuned machine to get tickets on the net, which included Jock and myself, Shane, Jeannie in Belgium and Michael in Sydney on internet and phones. I don't understand how Jeannie managed to get through when she lives twenty metres below sea level and miles away from London. And at 9 months pregnant. Anyway, LEGEND springs to mind, because many of my friends weren't able to get tickets and we certainly had no luck here. So, Jeannie was able to purchase the tickets and we are going to the world's greatest music festival in June.

This is what this UK adventure is all about. I think by the end of 07 I will be festivaled out and it will be time to take on new pursuits such as hiring a canal boat in France and going to the Venice Biennale in 09.

We move into our new hoose tomorrow. How excitement! A wee place of oor ain!

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