Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Days

As that previous entry was a bit grim, I thought I'd share that happy days are ahead due to the lovely new flat that Jock and I have moved into.

It has meant though, that blogging has become difficult because we are internetless, due to the fact we live in Great Bureaucratian. I tried to keep blogging by begging my ISP to cut the red tape and blag my way through a series of lies to keep the blog going, but I wasn't able to convince them to switch us over in less than ten days. Clearly, going down to the telephone exchange and swapping the wires for a phone that's moved upstairs is way too hard...

Anyway, the weather is getting warmer and the days lighter and while my local lunch bar at work hasn't gone as far as a sun dried tomato or olive pesto in the lunch menu, they have put a notice up saying the daily soup choice will be going from 3 down to one because of the impending warmer weather. Happy days are indeed ahead.
If only every day was a Joni and Chatchi moment......

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