Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dave by Mick - our trip to Florence

We lovingly dubbed Michaelangelo's David Dave by Mick but that seemed slightly offensive once we actually stood in front of this imposing work. I expected it to be person sized, or Venus de Milo sized, but it was almost Leninesq in stature and for once in my life, I was speechless. The Galleria dell'Accademia was surprisingly quiet enabling us to marvel at our mate Dave for a good fifteen minutes before a noisy group of American history students ambled in. If you do wish to see the real Dave by Mick you can click on this link which will take you to shopping heaven, the Raptis Plaza in Surfers Paradise, where a life size replica of David takes pride of place between Hungry Jacks and a group of Emos wagging school.

Earlier in the day we visited the Uffizi Gallery where once again, we were mesmerised by Botticelli's Birth of Venus and the murals on the ceiling.

We were, however, somewhat bored of Ubiquitous Religious Painting by Some Bloke. There's only so much one can take after seeing painting after painting of the Madonna with Child, which is mostly painted in gaudy colours with the Jesus always looking slightly demonic. I think this is due to artists painting the nose of said saviour with an adult's bridge, rather than a cutesy little button. There was one such painting with a portrayal of John the Baptist piccolo bambino holding a cross gazing lovingly up at baby Jesus. Can someone who is more religious than I enlighten me if the Cross was used prior to the crucifixion of Christ (yes, aware of it as a symbol of man/woman in ancient pagan traditions) or whether Some Bloke was using artistic licence in this painting.

It seemed that this period of such hideous amounts of disposable cash drew upon the pious nature of the wealthy, where art was commissioned on a one upmanship basis of who had the biggest and most religious bed head commissioned by the more favoured artist ala mode.

Other highlights of our trip included the Leaning Tower of Pisa (a slightly dizzy ascent due to leaning nature), wandering around the narrow streets of Pisa and eating gelato.

You may remember I awarded Paris Beauvais Airport the worst airport in Europe. Pisa International is the best so far, as seen here in the picture by its mascot....and as Jock points out....if only they knew how to spell "chicken" correctly.....

Monday, January 14, 2008

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

In politics, there's a number of ways to say to your good friends in the press that you're mounting a challenge against your beleaguered leader. One of those ways is to say "I'm mounting a leadership challenge". This is of course the quickest and most effective way, but rarely is it used.

Another way to say you're mounting a challenge is to take a leaf from the book of Member for Busso, Troy "I'm big in Japan" Buswell:

“I'll be saying to [Omedei] that there is an overwhelming view among the membership that we need to draw a line in the sand and move forward and as part of that process needs to be the calling of a party room meeting so that a variety of issues be discussed in the appropriate forum by the members of the Liberal Party here in WA,” Mr Buswell told reporters.

The Liberal Party in WA is a mess and has been since Richard Court departed. It reminds me of the time when Australia was doing so well in cricket the one day summer series was against itself; Australia A. Do we need a Labor A? Why could this bunch of navel gazing, infighting, policy vacuum school boys manage to hold it together for the Federal election? I don't get it.

In the meantime, please enjoy this somewhat apt video by Dead or Alive, You Spin Me Right Round.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Cat-tastic! A wig for all occasions!

It's me and Jock's wedding anniversary tomorrow. Jock's never enjoyed buying presents, so being the girl who has everything, I directed him to Kitty Wigs where you can buy your cat a wig....

Meowandering down the catwalk is Cher, sporting a jazzy blue number, selling for just fifty bucks. She has teamed this wig with a lovely pastel flea collar. As you can see, Cher is gazing out the window, dreaming of butterflies and small birds learning how to fly for the first time.....

And now, pawing at her heels is Miss Piggy, the epitome of the slutty cheerleader wearing this wig, inspired by the Pink Ladies from Grease. She's up for anything! Actually, the website says "Pink is the color of fantasy. Our model, Chicken (for that is her name....), looks like her mind is elsewhere when she wears this wig -- somewhere in a land of cotton candy and pinwheels where the air smells like sugar kisses". I think it's more likely she's thinking somewhere in the a land of "are you fucking mental" where the air smells like "does your house have fifty cats living in it?"

It goes on:

"Please remember, Kitty Wigs should only be used with human supervision, and introduced slowly. The package also includes complete instructions for care, suggestions from professional photographers, and a mouse with rattle to help you direct Kitty's stunned gaze. When not in use, the wig should always be stored in its pawproof case".

Yep - Kitty is sure going to have a stunned gaze, probably followed by a hissing sound and a jab at your throat.

If you have any further questions about haute cature, please click here.