Monday, January 14, 2008

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

In politics, there's a number of ways to say to your good friends in the press that you're mounting a challenge against your beleaguered leader. One of those ways is to say "I'm mounting a leadership challenge". This is of course the quickest and most effective way, but rarely is it used.

Another way to say you're mounting a challenge is to take a leaf from the book of Member for Busso, Troy "I'm big in Japan" Buswell:

“I'll be saying to [Omedei] that there is an overwhelming view among the membership that we need to draw a line in the sand and move forward and as part of that process needs to be the calling of a party room meeting so that a variety of issues be discussed in the appropriate forum by the members of the Liberal Party here in WA,” Mr Buswell told reporters.

The Liberal Party in WA is a mess and has been since Richard Court departed. It reminds me of the time when Australia was doing so well in cricket the one day summer series was against itself; Australia A. Do we need a Labor A? Why could this bunch of navel gazing, infighting, policy vacuum school boys manage to hold it together for the Federal election? I don't get it.

In the meantime, please enjoy this somewhat apt video by Dead or Alive, You Spin Me Right Round.

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