Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Going for Broke

The Scottish elections are on, and for the first time since the early nineties, I have not done any door knocking, leaflet folding, press releases, radio interviews..... nothing, to ensure a maximum vote for the Labo(u)r Party. It's been bizarre being a bystander. In a country where it's not compulsory to vote, it would be easy to just let the elections slip by unnoticed. Apart from the odd sandwich board attached to light poles (very guild election-esq) if you didn't read newspapers or watch TV (and we don't - we haven't paid for the TV licence and Jock has banned TV in oor hoose) you wouldn't know that tomorrow, Scotland will most likely be setting on a new and highly dangerous voyage, with the SNP at the tiller.

The Scottish National Party has jumped on the mood of Scots who are well pissed orf with the Iraq war and so, there's no distinction between the Westminster and Scottish Labour Party who have their wellies firmly stuck in the same Baghdad quagmire. Worse, the SNP are using the logo "It's Time" (how dare they!) to get over the hill to Holyrood.

So, tomorrow I shall cast a vote in an election I have simply watched, and hopefully, the Nats won't succeed and Labour will continue to rool the roost at Holyrood. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

(pic: I took this with my phone when I visited a UPS depot yesterday...)

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