Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broad Banned

Well, since the last time I wrote on this blog, Scotland has changed its government, I've changed my underpants and the broadband situation at home remains unchanged - ie, no ISP. Carphone Warehouse are inept. The problem is, once it's up and running, it's okay and cheap and that's why I stick with it. I've had fights with call centres around the UK (at least they're not in India like British Telecom) and I'm sure they deliberatly got my name and gender wrong just to spite me. So, it was a snarl of the lip in my pyrric victory against the company when yesterday I finally received my "Go Live" pack (ie, going live on broadband on 10 May) that was addressed to MR Alifon Bunting, the evil fuckers.... I have a big booklet that says "Welcome to Broadband Alifon" with name references throughout.... "Alifon, don't forget to set up your calling circle for your friends" and little cards that say "To Alifon's Friends. Alifon thought you might like cheap broadband from Carphone Warehouse". Alifon fought carfone warehouse might like to pull its fingers out fanks very much....

We had our first homemade Scottish friends around for dinner at oor new hoose the other night. Graeme and v. pregnant Jenni (whom we met at the Rock Ness concert last year) and David from Jock's work and his wife Victoria. It's really lovely having friends in a new country. I feel like this is becoming my new home. :)
Here's our neice Hayley all grown up reading a book. I miss her terribly. And at the other end of the spectrum, I phoned 94 year old Grannie Sinclair the other day, who was chewing a sweetie and couldn't talk. I suggested rather than call her back, that I would do some talking for a change. She agreed this was a good idea, then preceded to talk about "That bally neep Tony Blair" with a mouth full of caramel toffee.
And finally, our friend and Jock's best man Fiona arrives today from exotic Europe. I'm cooking her haggis for tea.

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