Friday, May 11, 2007

Recipe of the Month!

Fiona, Jock and I went to this tres fabulous French restaurant last night and ate a three course meal for ten quid each. The dessert was so yummy, I got the recipe from Chef so I don't have to eat there again (actually, that's a pile of merde, I think I will become a regular). So, here is the recipe for Lemon Something French Thingy (I can't remember its name):

You will need:

  • 2 pints of double cream (that's 1.2 litres for my metric friends)
  • 300 grams of castor sugar (that's a lot really)
  • Juice of 5 lemons (don't cheat from that lemon squeezy thing you can never find at the supermarket)
  • A bowl, whisk, pot, stove and some moulds

You will do:

  • Bring cream and sugar to the boil stirring constantly
  • Keep it bubbling for a further 3 minutes and keep stirring
  • Remove from heat and whisk in the lemon juice
  • Pour in to individual moulds or Vegemite glasses
  • Bung in fridge to set, or window sill if you're in Glasgow.

And voila! You have a fabulous French dessert. It's creamy and sticky and tangy and deliciously rich. Nigella Lawson would probably like this dessert and deliberately drip it down her satin dressing gown so she can seductively lick it off with her fingers...."Oooh, I just love Lemon Something French Thingy. It's the most astonishingly easy dessert to make and I just love the way it oozes off the spoon representing the end of your dinner party and that lovely slide into beaujolais induced stupor before you fall into your satin sheets" (camera cuts to uber fabul-arse-looking friends of Nigella laughing and wiping up drippy Lemon Something French Thingy from corners of mouth, camera pans back to Nigella's chest), et cetera et cetera.

Have fun making and eating it!

PS - photograph may not actually represent what this dessert looks like.

PPS - still no broadband, even though they assured me it would be yesterday.


ali b said...

this is a real recipe by the way... try it... go on!

Anonymous said...

I think the picture is of a "piece Monte'" - which is what we will be using as our wedding cake!