Sunday, May 27, 2007

An Indian Superman‽

Here's what happens when an Indian Superman meets an Indian SpiderGirl. There are so many questions - like, if they're saving the planet, how did they learn to dance like that? And did they ever appear on Telethon and the Connie Vidos School of Dance?

You'll also notice that I've decided to use an interrobang as the punctuation for the title of this entry. It has been introduced to me by Jamie Osborne and I think it's fabulous and well fitting for this bizzarre little filmette courtesy of YouTube.

I wonder what their children would look like should they decide to breed

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dick pullen said...

very funny and informative Ali. I was wondering "is that Spider woman" and then read your words which confirmed my question. Where exactly does the web come out?
I love the fight scene where the guy is just left spinning in the air and the couple break off into some nifty dance steps..... Tracey and I do that sort of thing quite often....I guess it's why we're not often invited out these days...