Friday, March 02, 2007

A Week in the Life Of.....

Yes, readers, at last. A fabulous new column for Invisible Inkblot. It's.....A Week in the Life Of! YAY! This week we spend A Week in the Life Of... A British (Korean Made) High Definition Flat Screen 82-Inch Wall-Mounted Television.

Saturday 24 February, 6.40pm, ITV1
Dancing on Ice Take That and Torvill and Dean together at last.

Sunday 25 February, 8.00pm, BBC2
Top Gear The team head to the countryside where they try out some high tech tractors and try to make their own fuel.

Monday 26 February, 8.00pm, ITV 1
Speed Guns Misfiring Tonight flawed speed guns.

Tuesday 27 February, 10.35pm, BBC1
One Life Bodybuilding pensioners. Grandparents obsessed with working out.

Wednesday 28 February, 8.45am, BBC2 Scotland
Ag Lonnsachadh Le Blarag Which is Gaelic for "Neighbours" or Glasgwegian for "Are ye having a laugh? Is the pub closing already?"

Thursday 1 March, 11.35pm, BBC1
This Week Skiing Weather.

Friday 2 March, 7.30pm, Channel 5
Mean Machines Bulldozers. Makes and models of bulldozers.

The writer of this column would like to thank The Guardian for inspiration and material.

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