Sunday, March 18, 2007

Neo Con Fashion at the Night Club

I'm really concerned about fashion. We were at a gig on Friday night and it just happened to be at the Edinburgh University student union. I don't think the boys who wear their troosers lower than their underdaks realise where the fashion came from.

When African Americans went to prison, their belts were taken from them, so their pants hung below their undies. When they came out of prison, they continued to wear their pants this way as a badge of honour of being in the clink. Now, young men spend heaps of dosh to wear their underdaks above their jeans, with the must-have Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Tommy Hilfinger...etc at $50 bucks a pop. Ridiculous. There were guys dancing with their daks lower than their bum cheeks.

Which at least are covered in expensive undies, unlike the chicks who wear their jeans so low you can park your bike in their crack. I thought feminists won this argument with council workers in the '70s.

Then, and much worse, there were lots of people of both sexes wearing scarves around their necks resembling the Islamic men's head dress with the black and white checks. Now, the story from this one goes that American soldiers take them back to their kids as a trinket from a dead Iraqi that they've killed...and so the kids are wearing them.

Has fashion always been this way? Is this fashion a sign of the new conservative times? I read today that John Howard has Generation Y thinking he's the man in the age of new conservatism. These same underdak over daks wearers, along with their checkered scarves, will be the same ones who wave the aussie flag with "support the flag or fuck off" written on it and think that this age of prosperity we live in will last forever.

Maybe I'm too old to go to nightclubs. God, I'm turning into a grumpy old man.

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