Sunday, March 18, 2007

Faithless: The Concert

Just got home from the Faithless concert. We've seen them before at Metropolis, but this time it was at the Glasgow entertainment centre with a lot more people. Faithless ROCK. They are my ultimate favourite live band. Their music and lyrics are just so engaging and can get you high without the need for additives or preservatives. I love the fact that their percussionist has a zillion pieces of equipment. And Maxi is like a god on stage. On Myspace they have "21248 billion friends".

I'm going to bed's a school night and I'm tired. It's been a big weekend which included a trip to Edinburgh to see Pendulum (we're officially now groupies), a trip to Ikea (we only bought glasses to replace ones we broke and some elderflower cordial), snow, apple pie for dinner on Saturday night (and that was it - a well balanced meal don't you think?) and of course the Faithless concert. Next week I'm in London, then the following weekend it's a visit from our mate Shane, then it's Eastbourne for work, then a car trip to Wales during Easter and then sometime in August I think I have a free weekend.

Life's busy. Love ali

PS - somehow amidst all this gallivanting, we bought the flat upstairs.

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