Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Chavs and the Chav Knots

In a tribute to weddings, given my sister Jude and her beau Trevor are gettin
' hitched (congratulations!!), here is how the chavs tie the knot.....I'm certain that Jude and Trev won't resemble this at all. I'm just using their engagement as the segue.

1. ooohh, here comes the bride, with her da, who looks a little bit like a cross between Bill Kelty and Les Patterson.
2. doesn't the groom look chuffed (is that a shot gun under her dress?)
3. is that Princess Bea and Princess Eugenie???? I knew their mum was chav all along
4. they breed....and they all wear hats.
5. I want the green one.
6. and you thought the bride looked ridiculous.....

For more pics of this wedding, click here

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