Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm still in London still

I took out a million pounds from the ATM and it's all gone. I have nothing to show for it except a sore head from part-taying and vague memories of a taxi ride back to the hotel in the middle of the night, about 6am actually.

It would have been 5am but daylight saving has kicked in, and distant memories of the sun barely getting above the skyline in Dark December have been replaced by Twilight Nights with G'n'Ts (with lime of course). Roll on summer!

I love a good London party. Always so many interesting people from around the globe. I met people in TV and films. They all seemed to know Jude Law. I had to look him up on google to remind me of what he looks like. I'm not very good with celebtocracy, much to the amusement of the telly crowd at the party.

Well, right back at ya idiot box people, you weren't very good with capacity building and education as a means of economic freedom.....It's always a pleasure to talk stuff with others. I love it!

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