Sunday, January 14, 2007

Turning Britainese I think I'm turning Britainese I really think so.....

Recently purchased:
  • 1 china tea set inc. sugar bowl and milk jug from charity shop around the corner,
  • 1 crappy put it together yourself with allen key cupboard thing from Argos
Recently drank:
  • 2 glasses of Schloer fizzy faux grape wine straight from the cupboard. It really was cold enough to drink.
Recently caught:
  • My husband watching darts on prime time telly
Yes, we are turning British. I have also been talking about the weather a lot. That's because it's been raining non stop since 1975....

I think the only recourse is to send the husband off to the pub for a game of darts and invite some girlfriends over for high tea so I can put my china to good use. Oh goodie, cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut orf.

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