Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Get a boot up ya!

Well, it's inevitable really. If organised labour in Austraila and other first world nations continues to ignore unorganised and exploited labour in regions such as South East Asia and Eastern Europe, factories will continue to close and move offshore.

Shame on you Blundstone. I've bought my last pair. It's another Aussie icon that's gone.

But we're all to blame - we can't think that a company that's been around from the 1870s is immune from the lure of the greenback and tradition alone can keep it ticking on in Tassie.

We can only hope that once Blunnies execs make mountainous amounts of mint, they will use Tasmania's boat building industry to have themselves a custom built yacht..... unless that industry has gone as well.

Click here to send Blundstone an email about going offshore.

thanks to The Australian for the cartoon.

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