Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let's take a look at....Canada

Yes, this week's discussion will be around that most maple of syrups, Canada. Here's some interesting facts you may not know as a non-Canadian:
  • the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported in January that the country's 100 highest-paid business executives had, by 9:46 a.m. on Jan. 2, earned an amount equal to what the average Canadian would earn in all of 2007.
  • Canadians spell Centre " C. E. N. T. R. E." not Center, as would the American Center of Policy Alternatives. Had the American Center for Policy Alternatives done the same study, they would most likely have found that by 12.03am on January 1 the USA's highest-paid business executives would have already earned what the average American would in all of 2007 and eight.
  • Of course, in Quebec, the "Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives" would be called Centrez pour la politique par whingeing les r√©volutionnaires socialistes de gauche
  • The Canadian village of Glendon, Alberta, is home to the world's largest Pyrogy (pictured). A pyrogy is the staple diet of the Ukraine, and is a type of dumpling.
  • Canada gave us Bryan Adams. He is known for sappy songs, standing on his mamma's porch and being the social activist that he is, might even pop into Canada's Centre for Policy Alternatives occasionally. He is also a close friend of Prince Charles.
  • Prince Charles ears make him look a bit like a maple leaf, which is what most people associate with Canada. The rest of the people associate Bryan Adams and Not Being America but Sort of Like Being America as the main symbols of Canada.

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