Monday, January 01, 2007

January 1st 2007

I'm looking forward to this year, because globally, it surely can't get any worse than 2006. The The New York Times has put together a rather depressing view of the year in pictures, mostly concentrating on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine/Lebanon, Congo... the list goes on.

The execution of Saddam Hussein will not provide new hope in Iraq, which can only be described as is in the grip of a civil war. The footage of Hussein's death is barbaric and the fact that his death was recorded on a mobile phone camera and uploaded on the net puts it firmly in the middle of a three ringed circus - the intersection between the Shiites, the Sunnis and the Kurds, with the US ringmaster giving directions.

Some interesting comments of US citizens on the execution:

Adria A:
This is the biggest mistake the US has ever made. We will regret it, I am sure. I have an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach about this.

It amazed me the power of America. I strongly feel that we should go after North Korea next, then China and ultimately Russia.

I share Adria A's feeling in her stomach. 2006 was the pits when it came to peace and the nurturing of democracies in our world. I am hopeful that 2007 will be better, but maybe it has to get worse before we can restore a sense of hope. Resolution: I commit to doing more about the pit in my stomach!


2007 will be the year of:
  • the environmental movement - reclaiming its position as one of the most important and well-organised movements in our history,
  • micro banking - giving the poor and marginalised economic freedom,
  • you tube, myspace, bebo and blogger - need I say more
  • goodbye to that stupid UK look - long shorts and pantyhose at the office....eeugh!
  • Russel Brand - he is such a SPUNK
  • the year that John Howard will retire to pasture - by failing to win the 2007 Australian election,
  • the messes created by neo-cons and our own inaction... a mia culpa? .... not likely:

    There are lots of good things happening on this planet - we just have to take the time to find out who's doing them and support them! Clicking here is a good start.

    Happy New Year family, friends and random bloggers.

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