Friday, December 29, 2006

Grannie and Whisky

I am lucky to have Grannie "Lottie" Sinclair as my gran, who likes a dram now and then. She's inclined to mix it with ginger beer or lemonade, so it was with this in mind that we bought her Sheep Dip, a blended whisky.

So here we are on Christmas Day 2006.
  • Pic 1 - Don't turn your nose up at a blended malt!
  • Pic 2 - It's all smiles at the old folk's home
  • Pic 3 - Did you really buy me Sheep Dip?
  • Pic 4 - Yes, we really did - and look what happens to you when you drink it!

1 comment:

jd said...

Your Grannie looks like Jock.
Or vice versa.
Too much whisky?
(Who - Garnny, Jock, or me?)