Saturday, December 16, 2006

England Muppets

I have just watched Adam Gilchrist's superb knock at the WACA (..or the Gabba, it doesn't matta, where you are, this summa....because it's the number one team in commentary, it's me, Richie Benaud, and me, Tony Greig....and don't forget me (shut up Bill), Bill Lawry...),

What a stunning innings! And here is a picture of Animal, who for the purposes of this blog entry will represent Gilchrist.

And aren't England SHIT? After being in the UK and seeing/hearing all the hype about the defence of the Ashes, here is Beaker, who represents the English cricket team.

And finally, here are Statler and Waldorf, who represent cricket commentators Geoffrey Boycott and that posh bloke
on the BBC radio (Johnathan Agnew??). They aren't happy chappies...

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