Friday, December 01, 2006

Bring It On!

I'm supporting Julia and Kevin. That's it. That's all I have to say on the matter.

Go Bananas!
Okay, here's the thing....It's only going to work if:
  • Rudd and Gillard win and the Class of 93 go to the back - that's Smith, Swan et al, and they just accept that it's not their turn to govern
  • Everyone gets behind the dream team and we concentrate on the real enemy by coming up with an alternative vision for Australia which would include statements like - A world leader in new clean energies - to think of one....
  • Beazley and Macklin (who?) win and, well, would Rudd have to step down from foreign affairs? He'd have to go to the back bench. So too would Gillard, because if Beazley didn't punish them for disloyalty then he'd be seen as a weak leader who can't control his party let alone the country.
God, what a mess. I'm really disappointed in Jenny Macklin. She's a sista, but she was AWOL during the last election and I don't think she has a huge profile because she doesn't say that much.

God, what a mess. I think this is what happens when rather than have community people preselected for parliament, you have a succession of career politicians who started out as electoral officers from their days as student politicians.

I promise now to get behind whoever the leaders are and support them 100% so we can win the next election.


Burbs Queen said...

PLease say more, Ali. You know you want to


ali b said...

hahaha. Okay - I'll say more. Give me a day to think about it!