Sunday, April 06, 2008


Things that are stupid:
The way Morrisons packages its bananas. I bought one just to take a photo and post it here. Disgraceful - global warming? climate change? landfill? birds eating plastic? Doesn't happen in Partick.....You can email the CEO of Morrisons with your fury by clicking here.
I used the Investor Services site, because we are all invested in our future. Copy and paste this into your email:

Dear Sir Ken Morrison
I am disturbed by the level of excessive packaging for your bananas. Bananas already have their own protective skin and do not nee
d another. I would like to invest in the future of the planet but do not wish to invest in your company whilst you continue to have this ridiculous policy.
Regards, Your Name Goes Here

See the pic - somebody bought a Sony Play Station box for two hundred bucks!!

Kilt wearers

How embarrassed would you be....Here on my right is Lieutentant Seargent Captain Major and his boys....

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