Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

John Howard would never have stood up in front of a group of Chinese students in Beijing and said that human rights in Tibet was a concern for Australians. Good on Chairman Rudd! Although he did borrow the whole "it's okay for friends to disagree sometimes" line from Howard when the very predictable Chinese Government Spokesperson responded by saying that Rudd didn't know what he was talking about. I'm sure they'll quickly forget once they start playing Chinese Whispers over owning a stake in BHP Billiton.

Glad Australia has a PM who can speak Mandarin. I think it is right for him to tell China that Australians are concerned about human rights. I wonder what the athletes from the Olympic movement think about the protests over the torch relay? If you go on to you tube it has been flooded with comments from Chinese students banging on about King Gesar and that we shouldn't be fooled by that terrible man, the Deli Lamb Burger.

In other news just to hand:
  • we're off to see the play Black Watch on the weekend which I am very much looking forward to
  • I subscribe to poem of the week and today they sent me one called "Impatience" that was so long, I didn't bother reading it
  • today I went up to Inverness to discuss Scotland's Climate Change Bill. There is snow in the hills and it's April. This time last year it was 20 degrees. You know it doesn't make sense; we're all doomed
  • on the up side though, there were no midgies


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Anonymous said...

I see you're getting spam on your blog too....anyway - love reading your blog ali :)

Sarah J

ali b said...

Thanks Sarah - I love reading your blog too. Yeah...the spam is coming from this bookstore in Perth who are just randomly asking for friendship on facebook and I suggested that they should advertise or start a facebook group. As thanks for my excellent suggestion that they stop annoying facebook users they have poked me and left messages on my blog. Obviously have some time on their hands.