Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sorry for the delay in writing's been a very hectic and stressful time. So, this entry is dedicated to.. Players - those amazing, innovative and oft funny people who entertain us. I find it is the not so famous players that I have the best and most memorable experiences.

We were fortunate enough to catch Nouvelle Vague, a French act in Perth on the evening of Jock's dad's funeral. French women always seem to be able to pull off being saucy and sexy without being slutty. This band does versions of '80s alternative hits like The Specials and The Dead Kennedy's. During Too Drunk to Fuck by the Kennedy's - one of Jock's favourite songs and something he kept threatening to have as the bridal waltz - one of the singers came down into the crowd and handed Jock a wee serendipitous given the day. Here is Nouvelle Vague doing Blue Monday by New Order - one of my favourite songs:

I love that French voice - Ah see a sheip in ze 'arbour... These players were the perfect end to Jock's dad's day.....

Inevitably, one always turns to the little screen of delight in the back of the seat in front of you during the monotonous and wearisome plane trip home. It is here that I am even more thankful for the players who prevent you from slipping into wrist-slitting tedium. I chose Singing in the Rain. I happen to think that Gene Kelly was out danced by Donald O'Connor in this movie. A favourite scene and surely one of the best of all time in any classic movie:

So I raise my glass to players, who you turn to when you're feeling glum or you want to chillout or just go absolutely burlesque...where would the world be without you? The famous, the not so famous and the just plain bizarre. I love how you can be anywhere in the world and just happen upon a player busking or in a small pub sharing their soul with you - like the time Mike and I were in Edinburgh for hogmanay and there was a group of drummers in the midst of a million new year revelers - drumming into new year when the fireworks went off over the castle - they made our night.

Here then, in no particular order, are youtubes of some players whom I admire, or have seen live, or have watched on the box. Enjoy.

Tim Minchin - funny singer and all round entertainer (it was difficult to chose which vid...)
Flight of the Conchords - hahahahahahaha - it's business time!
Billy Bragg- all you need is a guitar
The Waifs - still in London...
Pendulum - my favourite band and the boys from Perth are just getting bigger and bigger
Adam Hills - a Scottish flavour to this clip
Burlesque dancers - here's Dita and an over-sized wine glass.
Waiting for Godot - in recognition that this is the most boring play on earth, so why then is it the play that you have watched over and over again??? Jock says he's seen it 5 times but has never paid to see it....Sculler says they should make a new version for the noughties - ""
Madonna - I saw this very act live. I can watch it over and over and over. Thanks to Benny and Bjorn....and the dancing at 3mins25sec HOT HOT HOT...not bad for a 50 year old.

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