Monday, October 09, 2006

Feminism - everyone should give it a try at least once, as long as you can get away from the laundry...

The first feminist I ever met was Mrs Winifred Banks from Mary Poppins. I just love the way she says to her servants that they should have been at the suffragettes rally....This is taken from the New Yorker:
When first we meet Mrs. Banks, she is dancing along the pavement outside her house, triumphant in her day’s accomplishments.
“We had the most glorious meeting, she tells her servants, after she bursts through the front door, singing.
“Mrs. Whitbourne-Allen chained herself to the wheel of the Prime Minister’s carriage. You should have been there! And Mrs. Ainslie—she was carried off to prison, singing and scattering pamphlets all the way!”
The servants, however, have news of their own: the reason that Katie Nanna, the children’s nursemaid, is wearing her gabardine travelling outfit is that she is about to quit. They finally manage to tell Mrs. Banks, and it is as though they’d stuck a pin in her; we watch her crumple before our eyes.
She snatches off her “Votes for Women” sashYou know how the cause infuriates Mr. Banks”and then does what any clear-thinking, intelligent woman in her situation would do: she begs. “Katie Nanna—I beseech you. Please reconsider. Think of the children, think of Mr Banks"

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