Friday, June 01, 2007

Joof and Trev elope!

Congratulations to my sister Judith and her partner Trevor on their recent tying of the knot. This they kept secret - they didn't even tell Hayley - and their witnesses were the photographer and the bed and breakfast landlady, who brought along her best friend to blow bubbles during the ceremony.

The photo is soooo Oz! Just look at that bush in the background...makes me a bit homesick! Well done you two.

On other matters:

The Glastonbury lineup has come out. For those of you who are into your music, click here and get jealous! An aural sensory overload is coming my way! Fabulous!

Yesterday, we caught up with Lord-in-waiting George, whom we keep seeing at gigs around town. I asked him at the last gig if he wanted to be real friends and he said yes, so we went to a lovely pub for a drink of real ale (Lusty May it was called) and whisky. He went to Eton college (that most poshest of schools, where parents send their children to be fine upstanding citizens of the empire) along with Prince Harry (yes, George very young) and he's studying art history in order to gain knowledge of the art in his family's manor. I asked him if he was upset that he would be unable to don a red robe and take his seat as an hereditary peer. Lord-in-waiting George said he would have done his best to serve his country in that way, but was glad that there was no burden on his shoulders. Interesting chap, slightly misguided - but who isn't at 21?

And this weekend - we have not one social engagement! Lovely!

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