Monday, February 26, 2007

My Trip to London

Last week I was in London with my friend Sue Lines. Here's what we did....

First, we visited the Tate Modern, and I only whinged a little bit about how far we had to walk. Luckily, the long walk was rewarded with a slide down the slippery slope of one of Carsen Hollier's cork screw slide installations. I love the Tate Modern. The spaces are vast and standing in the room with the Rothko, Monet and Pollock always sends shivers down my spine.

We saw some rude comedy at a theatre near Trafalgar Square, saw some films, (One of which was the new CIA drama starring Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. There were some teenagers in the theatre whom I'm sure thought they were seeing a Mr and Mrs Smithesque blockbuster but were sorely mistaken, and thus interrupted by talking throughout the entire film. How dare they!) and did a lot of walking....Sue said I was very good not whinging much.

Then we visited the V&A museum, and Sue's lefty credentials went up a notch because she visited the Uncomfortable Truths exhibition about the abolition of slavery. I lost all left credentials by snubbing this for the much more funner but no less controversial Kylie exhibition where I got to view all her frocks and dungarees. After seeing this exhibition, I so wanted to be Koily's best friend...

I gained back some lefty points by attending the anti-war, anti-Trident march in London on Saturday. These were promptly lost, however, as there were far too many hippies in one place for my liking and I had to leave. I held a Socialist Worker poster for five minutes, shouted that I hated Bush, and then went shopping in the High St for some new Clinique facial scrub because, frankly, I'm worried about fine lines appearing like the Grand Canyon on my face.

And that was my trip to London with Sue.

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Anonymous said...

Sue thinks she is world famous now.