Monday, February 05, 2007

2.9 Trillion Dollars!

The US budget was handed down today by the Bush Administration in the form of something the size of the phone book. I wasn't sure what the budget (2.9 trillion dollars)looks like in zeros, so here it is....
Bush says: "Our economy is strong and growing,Federal revenues are robust, and we have made significant progress in reducing the deficit".

The deficit last year was $244 billion and this year it's going to be $239 billion. Which means his "significant amount" is a fiver. Which is like the amount of useful substance left in one of those watered-down homeopathy vials hippies get from the health
shop when you're talking 2.9 very small piss in an over-heating, less carbon dioxide-absorbing ocean.

The proposed budget for the Defense Department is $481.1 billion, which is a 62 percent increase over 2001 but this doesn't include the extra $145 billion in supplementary clams that are being put aside for the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In order to pay for this war, Bush is cutting $70 billion from Medicare and Medicaid. Nice.

For all the whingeing and whining Brits do about the NHS, at least if you wind up in Emergency, you don't have to mortgage your house.

Bush is a neo-con of the worst kind. He truly believes what he is doing is right, and that's what's so scary.

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