Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Despatches in Despair

I am in despair over the latest performance by the Federal ALP. With 4 interest rate hikes in a row, the Iraq war and of course industrial relations, I can't believe that the ALP is so woeful. Kim Beazley and his frontbench class of '93 (a term I have pinched from a friend, who is important now, so shall remain nameless...) HAVE GOT TO GO.

I think we need Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. I'm not saying Gillard and Rudd are perfect, but I think they could make a great team and get some spark happening in the Caucus.

Wayne Swan, Stephen Smith, Anthony Albanese, Jagga Jagga forgotten her name but she's the deputy leader which shows you how much of an impact she has on me...'s coming back.....Jenny.....fuck, I even did a fundraiser for her in '94 for the Dorothy Tangney Dinner, I can't remember her last name..... Macklin!!!! ...there it is.. Jenny Macklin. Right, well, all of them, including Beazley should move to the back and Peter Garrett and friends should shuffle down the front.

Imagine the team - Julia in Health, Kevin for Foreign Affairs and either of those two as leader (Kev speaks Mandarin which would be great for our relationship with the world's next super power), Garrett for Environment Minister, along with ministers such as Penny Wong, Jenni George and other talented younger potlicians - I don't know enough about Craig Emerson or Chris Bowen to comment....are they the next Labor factional warriors?

Swan, Smith and Beazley have to come to terms with the fact that it just wasn't their time to govern and for the good of the party, and the country, they should join Rogan Josh in a pasture in Capel.

It's tiring when you're an activist running around for months organising your polling booth and spreading the Labor message when in your heart of hearts, you just don't believe in the team.

I will always believe in the Labor Party. I am a true believer, but I also truly believe, that unless some miracle happens between now and the next election, we can't win under Beazley without the team united. And the reason for this is that the activists on the ground generally don't believe it. It all seems like a big boys school yard and it seems like it's been going on for years.

Either unify and sort it out or go to the back bench.

On another matter, David Cameron, Tory Leader here in the UK said "ladder of opportunity" the other day on radio. What a horrible bunch of memories that brought up!

(Pic: Remember to say "Rove McManus, Rove McManus, Rove McManus"....."Karl Rove")


Burbs Queen said...

I read all about the leadership chatter in the Australian today. And it made me angry. At this point in time, it hardly matters who is leading - the important thing is to show unity and support and stick with the person up front; at least until a more appropriate time. I agree that Rudd would be great - for many reasons. But he wasn't made leader after Latham and Beazley was. The ALP will not win an election with the destabalising chatter.
Also, John Howard is a cubt. Now our only chance to stop greenhouse emmissions is to have nuclear power plants. What a visionary.

ali b said...
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ali b said...

You're right Mad...there needs to be unity and Beazley has been chosen by the caucus. If the ALP can't make people see the light, especially with the findings of the wheat board scandal coming up in the next few days, then I still think we have to start asking questions about leadership. And I'm not sold on the destabalising chatter coming from Rudd et al. I think there are certain media personalities and back room boys on all sides who are putting it into the ether and it is just one big game.

Fiona said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! In fact, i probably couldn't have said it at all, given it's disloyal to say it from inside the country :) So shout it from the rooftops of Glasgow Miss Ali (preferably in Mandarin). Bring on the Gillard/Rudd ticket.

ali b said...

Yes, I know, it's easy to say it when you're a million miles away. But it's cathartic, and when I return, I might be more bold!