Saturday, November 25, 2006

Car CrAshes for England

What a crap start. The wide bowled by Harmison to second slip on the first ball of this much anticipated Ashes series was almost as good as the googlie bowled by Warne to Gatting on his first over. Except Warnie's hit the stumps....

My feeling is that England is so rubbish is because the Aussie crowd are chanting "Warnie's shagged your missus" whenever an Englishman goes near the boundary and it's quite possibly true.

It's just such a drubbing. It's not even close. It's like Australia Vs the Dumbleyung Und
er 12's. And Ponting not allowing the follow on, well, the English may as well just put paper cuts between their fingers and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Hope the next test is closer - for the good of the game and so I don't have to listen to the wingeing on BBC Radio 4.

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