Monday, October 15, 2007

Kevin 07

It's all happening! And I'm not there to soak it up :(

Here's some cyber badges I made for Facebook with my friend Killer's new application. Facebookers can upload a badge and stick it on their profile. Better still, you can make your own and others can use it. What delicious fun!

And my mate Flicka got her pic in The Australian today by raising her jumper and showing off her Kevin 07 shirt to John Howard as he drove to the GG's house! Good onya Flicka!

Jock and I have decided to go to London for election day. Here's the outcome in order of best to worst case scenario:

1) Labor and Rudd win government, Maxine wins and Family First, John Howard, Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Costello and that evil conservative preacher boy Tony Abbott lose their seats.
2) Labor and Rudd win government, Maxine wins
3) Labor and Rudd win government, Howard retains his seat
4) the Coalition win government and Maxine wins
5) the Coalition win government and Howard wins his seat

I don't even want to contemplate number 5 happening....

Jock and I have been given Kevin07 shirts and I think we'll wear them to Belgium when we visit Jamie, Jeannie and Jasper.


Anonymous said...

Who's the curly-headed chick next to Gia? #^>


Jeannie said...

What about Kevin07 shirts for your hosts?!? (incl a mini one for Jasper... awwww)

jmparish said...

A couple of things...firstly Chris, I think that I will take it badly that you compare my wife to Kath & Kim (Not sure which is which because I don't watch the show). So stop it.
Other than that I don't need to go on about how much I think you are all wrong about how much better you seem to think the country will be under Kev "Some young bloke with no actual policies that have been nutted out and whose wife is a bigger fascist anti worker capitalist than anyone in the government" Rudd! ;-)
Love you guys though for who you are, hope you feel the same!